Hebron, CT

Hebron’s gently rolling hills and extensive clean watercourses have fostered agriculture from its early days to today.   This natural heritage has allowed Hebron and the State of Connecticut to offer significant public recreational facilities and preserved open spaces for the benefit of citizens and visitors, as well as specialized campgrounds and exceptional public golf courses.  Historic preservation is evident and valued throughout the town.

The Air Line Trail in Hebron is surrounded by beautiful preserved open spaces which have trails of their own and historic mill sites / dams to explore.  Off-Trail, come visit the Raymond Brook Preserve park, where Hebron was first settled, and enjoy a meal / refreshment in the town center, with its Historic District, National Register.  Continuing further north brings one to more municipal trails; Holbrook Pond; Burnt Hill Park, which includes the historic Peters House, on the Connecticut Freedom Trail; and the over 1500-acre Gay City State Park.   Events and festivals throughout the year and many public amenities welcome visitors to this New England town of much historic and natural charm. 

Along The Trail

1. Bernstein Preserve

Access, east side of ALT: just north of Judd Brook Bridge, a “Y” junction path leads into the southern part of this 215-acre town nature preserve. Path follows the old Air Line rail line “wye” spur, made to transport quarried materials during construction of the Air Line Railroad! Multiple historical stone bridge foundations line Judd Brook, testimony to massive efforts of early 1900’s to fill beneath two spectacular features on ALT: the 137-ft. high by 1,108-ft. long Lyman Viaduct in Colchester and the 60-ft. high by 1,380-ft. long Rapallo Viaduct in East Hampton!

2. Salmon River State Forest

273 acres of Salmon River State Forest reserved to become “Old Forestland” contains historic dam site; confluence of Judd Brook into Jeremy River.

3. Grayville Falls Town Park

35-acre park. Access from ALT: via steep embankment into forest, leads to hemlock grove, Raymond Brook’s cascading waterfalls. Bridge over brook leads to open field, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, trails. Old mill site within park.

4. Hibbert Preserve

310 Old Colchester Rd, Amston
Access from ALT: Teal Trail (tree paint, near bench, not far from Grayville Rd.) leads to Raymond Brook and 1800’s dam site within this 82-acre town nature preserve. Accessway off Old Colchester Road: Main Blue Trail (tree paint), leads from Old Colchester Rd. to 1800’s damsite with features along way. White Trail parts shortly from beginning of Blue Trail; leads to 1700’s mill site on Raymond Brook, giant glacial erratic boulder.

5. Raymond Brook Marsh

One of the largest inland wetland complexes in eastern Connecticut; here is a rare opportunity to traverse through the middle of an exceptional wildlife habitat.

6. Former Turnerville Station

Site of former freight depot and passenger station.

7. Mint Brook Preserve

15-acres. Trail system around Mint Brook Marsh; site of historical Wilcox Saw Mill. Instrumental in plans to connect ALT to Hebron Center through Raymond Brook Preserve.

Historic Mill Sites along Hebron’s Air Line Trail (ALT), presented west to east, Contribution by Richard Symonds, Jr.

At Judd Brook – Grist Mill just downstream of the ALT bridge. Source: Judd Brook Mills, Hebron and Colchester, Connecticut, Site Evaluation by Richard N. Symonds, Jr. Ask for document  – Hebron Amendment document 2020. “Amendment Material ,  For Any Revision of Lost Mill Sites in Hebron, Connecticut, 2016, Symonds”

Raymond Brook below or downstream of Grayville Road in Grayville Falls Park – Washington Manufacturing Co. Mill site. Source: Lost Mill Sites in Hebron, Connecticut, 2016, by Richard  Symonds pg. 31

Raymond Brook above/upstream of Grayville Road on private property – Daniel and David Burrows Paper Mill site. Source: Lost Mill Sites in Hebron, Connecticut, 2016, by Richard  Symonds pg. 30

Raymond Brook off the ALT a teal colored trail near bench – dam, source of water for power & other foundations for supplying water to the Daniel and David Burrows Paper Mill. The site is on the Hibbert property, now preserved open space  owned by the Town of Hebron Source: Lost Mill Sites in Hebron, Connecticut, 2016, by Richard  Symonds pg. 31

Raymond Brook off the ALT a little more than halfway from the Burrows dam and water source for the paper mill to Old Colchester Road, there is a dam and mill site for the 1700s axe handle factory (possibly a saw mill – needs additional research) The site is on the Hibbert property, now preserved open space owned by the Town of Hebron.  Source: See Lost Mill Sites of Tolland County by Richard Symonds on Facebook, Site entry #205.

Approaching Route 85 in Amston (Turnerville) in a swampy area there is an old blast furnace site, the Hendee Company Blast Furnace. Source: Lost Mill Sites in Hebron, Connecticut, 2016, by Richard  Symonds pg. 40

 Just easterly of Route 85/North Road an old railroad station. Lumber from the Tennant Saw Mill was shipped out of that station along with other mill products. Source: Hebron Amendment document 2020. “Amendment Material ,  For Any Revision of Lost Mil Sites in Hebron, Connecticut, 2016, Symonds”

Northerly of Route 207 on Town of Hebron and DEEP property on a westerly flowing tributary to Raymond Brook, the Wilcox Saw Mill and possible other mill activity in proximity and downstream on this Raymond Brook Tributary, also referred to as Mint Brook. Source: Lost Mill Sites in Hebron, Connecticut, 2016, by Richard  Symonds pg. 34

Hebron’s Historical Highlights

Connecticut Freedom Trail

Hebron listing – Cesar & Lowis Peters
150 East Street, Hebron

In 1787, the Reverend Samuel Peters, a former Hebron resident living in England, arranged to have many of his assets sold, including his slaves, to help make financial ends meet. On September 27th of that year, Peters’ Hebron slaves, Cesar and Lowis Peters, and their children were taken forcibly from Hebron by a slave trader and brought to Norwich to be loaded on a ship headed for South Carolina.

Cesar & Lowis’s white neighbors felt that the abduction of their friends was unfair and devised an ingenious scheme to get them back from the slavers. They made up a story that Cesar had stolen some goods from a local tailor and got the local justice of the peace to issue an arrest warrant. They presented the arrest warrant to the slaver, and succeeded in bringing Cesar and Lowis back to Hebron.

This event, one of the most dramatic freedom stories in our state’s history, earned the town of Hebron a designation by The Amistad Committee in 2007 as part of the Connecticut Freedom Trail.

The Peters House

150 East Street

The ca. 1795 Peters House is owned by the Town of Hebron.  The house, under renovation, will be utilized as a museum, community meeting areas, 2nd floor ballroom for art shows, musical offerings, and is the site chosen for Freedom Trail plaque.

Turshen Mill

459 Church Street

Old Town Hall

26 Main Street

The Hebron Historical Society’s “Old Town Hall” has ties to the Town of Hebron through both ecclesiastical and civic use.  Old Town Hall (OTH) was built as a Methodist Church in 1838.  This building was used for only about 10 years before the Methodists returned to their original Burrows Hill/Hope Valley area – the thriving industrial location of many water-powered mills and homes of their workers, and the Town continued to use the church for its meetings.  In 1859, the Selectmen of Hebron negotiated with the Methodist Society to buy the building for $650.00.  The building was lowered from its original two-story to a story and a half in 1875.  In October 1971, the Selectmen of the Town of Hebron quit claimed the Old Hebron Town Hall to the Hebron Historical Society

Town Office Building Complex

15 Gilead Street includes: 

Old Town Records Building

The little brick building was built in 1909 to house Hebron’s Town Records.  Records had been held by town officials in their private homes.  A fire in 1882 destroyed many records, and showed the need for safer storage.  The building was constructed shortly after Hebron’s Bicentennial Celebration in 1908.

WWII Civilian Aircraft Observation Post

The little twelve and a half foot square building (with windows on all sides, windowed lookout tower and railed walkway) served as the Civilian Aircraft Observation Post for the towns of Hebron and Columbia during World War II. The structure itself is fairly unimpressive, but the townspeople who wore blue badges proclaiming “Volunteer Observer, Aircraft Warning Service” are to be greatly admired.

The “Spotting Post” was a busy place as civilians were scheduled 24/7 to keep both eye and ear to the skies, to report any flying craft, and to thereby help protect the country from enemy invaders. About a quarter of the Columbia and Hebron residents volunteered to serve their town, state and nation from this vantage point. War is hell, but Hebron & Columbia remained steadfast during WW II, just as the towns’ early citizens had done during other conflicts. The Hebron/Columbia area is lucky to have this visual teaching aid to remind all of patriotism and vigilance.

Little observation posts were scattered all over the East and West coastal states, as that was the anticipated entry route for the enemy. With the advent of radar bringing an end to the Aircraft Warning Service’s civilian-manned spotting system, the posts were deserted and gradually deteriorated, or reverted to their pre-war uses. After checking with the Air Force, contacting the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development, Offices of Culture & Tourism’s Historic Preservation and Museum Division, and researching many other venues, we have located no other East Coast World War II Civilian Aircraft Observation Post still in existence.

Gull Schoolhouse

The Gull School, which was also known as Gott School and was located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Grayville Road and Old Colchester Road. It served the southeast section of town. The current schoolhouse was built circa 1816 to replace the 1790 one destroyed by fire.  The school closed in 1935 and it was sold in 1945.  The building was moved in 1971 to the Green’s property on Church Street near the intersection with Niles Road.  Mrs. Henrietta Green, a former teacher, refurnished the interior as it had been when she was teaching there. She maintained the school for 30 years and demonstrated its former use to many school classes. The Green Family deeded the schoolhouse to the Town, which moved it to Marjorie Circle near the 1856 Horton House and the Old Town Records building.

Burrows Hill School

125 School House Road

The schoolhouse stands today on the southeast corder of the intersection of Burrows Hill Road and School House Road, 1.1 miles south of route 66 in Hebron.  Just how long it has stood there is a matter of conjecture.  Some local history enthusiasts say 1730, others say 1739 or even later.  The building’s post and beam and flared post construction clearly date it to the 18th century.

Nine of Hebron’s 11 earliest School Houses remain, 2 of which, Burrows Hill and Gull Schools, can be visited by contacting the Hebron Historical Society. 

Open Space Public Recreational Highlights

Gay City State Park (abutting Meshomasic State Forest)

435 North Street, Hebron, CT

Highly varied State Park of over 1,500 acres rich in cultural and natural assets.  Includes extensive hiking system, historical interest, picnicking amenities, seasonal swimming with seasonal amenities.  A regional draw.  Large parking areas.


Jagger Lane – Way Preserve

Entryway on north side of Jagger Lane,  intersection of Hardy Road and Jagger Lane

32-acre preserve of hilly open fields and the Merrow Swamp, a wetlands of statewide special concern.  Includes a small pond, a section of forest with specimen trees, and in-use agricultural field.   Scenic views of the marsh and excellent bird watching opportunities.  Parking:  on shoulder of road, dead end side of Jagger Lane.


Holbrook Pond

142 Gilead St., Hebron

83-acre pond with boat ramp nestled in a 240-acre parcel of the Salmon River State Forest.  A regional draw.  Large parking area.



Burnt Hill Park

148 East Street, Hebron

Multi-use Town Recreational Park of 171-acres includes several active recreation fields, walking trails, pavilion, restroom facilities, forested area, pond and in-use agricultural field.  Adjacent to the park is the ca. 1795 Town-owned Peters House, future historical museum with community rooms, and designated site on Connecticut’s Freedom Trail.

https://hebronct.recdesk.com/RecDeskPortal/Portals/609/Map_1.pdf    https://hebronct.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=25437


Veterans Memorial Park

66 Wall Street, Hebron

17-acre town owned multi-use park containing children’s playscapes, skateboard park, walking trail connecting with Town Center Trails, active recreational fields, restroom facilities.   A paved parking lot of approximately 100 spaces is situated near the front of the park.

Hebron Center Trails

Two-mile loop trail system connecting Veterans Memorial Park, Town owned open space and Hebron Center sidewalks.  Provides pedestrian access through Hebron’s historical, retail and business districts.  Parking at Veterans Memorial Park.



Chestnut Hollow Nature Preserve / Grist Mill Trail

Chestnut Hill Road, just of West Main Street (Rte. 66), Amston

20-acre nature preserve with hiking trails paralleling the Class A Jeremy River.  Specimen trees and vegetation with identification signs.  Historic Old Town Pound.  Small parking lot just off Chestnut Hill Rd.



Raymond Brook Preserve 

A 116-acre passive recreation Town Park preserving the site of Hebron’s first settlements in 1704.  Features historic “wagon roads”, in-use agricultural fields, formal gravel trail system with elder specimen trees, a scenic pond, picnic tables, forest, demonstration pollinator garden, with a substantial bridge crossing Raymond Brook.  Located between Hebron’s Town Center and the Air Line Trail, Hebron is in the process of creating a trail connection between these.  Three large parking areas, one each on Church Street, Kinney Road and Millstream Road.




Cardillo Preserve

off town-owned access drive of 330 Church St., Lutheran Church

48-acre preserve uphill and protecting the Raymond Brook Marsh.  Grassy slope with bird habitat, leading to marsh inlet and State-owned forested land around the Raymond Brook Marsh.  Excellent bird watching opportunities.  Interesting mix of ledge and marsh topography.  Limited parking on grass, southern shoulder of access drive.


Air Line Trail State Linear Park

Approximately 4.5 miles of thisrail to trail” linear state park gem lies in Hebron between Lebanon and Colchester.  The Town of Hebron has made a concerted effort to preserve nature along the Air Line Trail, resulting in almost the entire Trail being bordered by Town or State-owned Open Space.  These natural areas along the trail provide serenity, scenic views, and enjoyment of wildlife habitat, as well as off-Trail excursions to explore further historic and natural assets.   Hebron has also been making progress for years on its plan to connect the Trail with its Town Center.  The Trail is in its final stages of connecting with the Raymond Brook Preserve which is just south of the Town Center.   Refer to the Air Line Trail to Hebron Center Connection Map.



Raymond Brook Marsh

Area surrounding Air Line Trail, between Rte. 85 and Old Colchester Road, Amston

A special highlight of the Air Line Trail.  This marsh of state-wide special concern lies on both sides of the Trail and is protected by significant areas of open space to the north (state-owned) and south (town-owned).  Exceptional scenic, bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunities.   Large parking area on Rte. 85, Church Street, accommodates horse trailers.  Photo attached.


Mint Brook Open Space

Off Highland Drive, Amston, CT

15-acre town owned open space abuts state land along the Air Line Trail in vicinity of Rte. 207.   Contains a trail system around Mint Brook Marsh (the headwaters of Mint Brook, a major tributary of Raymond Brook) and also the site of the historical Wilcox Saw Mill.   This open space is instrumental in Hebron’s ongoing endeavor to connect the Air Line Trail with the Raymond Brook Preserve (and ultimately the nearby Town Center); plans are underway to soon construct a bridge over Mint Brook.


Hibbert Preserve

310 Old Colchester Road, Amston, CT

82-acre nature preserve along the entire northern border of the Air Line Trail from Old Colchester Road to Grayville Road intersections.  Contains over 3000 feet of Raymond Brook, a tributary of the Class A Jeremy River watercourse (itself a tributary of the Class A Salmon River).  From the Air Line Trail, a painted tree-marked Teal Trail (near bench) leads to the Raymond Brook and an 1800’s dam site.

Access from Old Colchester Road has four more painted tree-marked paths: Main trail is Blue, leading from the 310 Old Colchester Rd. accessway, into diverse forest, to an overlook of Raymond Brook.  Continuing on, nearing Raymond Brook, the Blue path parallels an old “Wagon Road.”  Following remnants of an old “sluice way” towards the east leads one to an 1800’s damsite and interesting geology.  The White Trail parts a short distance from the  beginning of the Blue Trail and leads to 1700’s mill site on Raymond Brook, also highlighted by a giant, brookside glacial erratic.  Red and Green Trails are looping forest sidetrails off the Blue Trail.

Parking is on west side of Old Colchester Road, near yellow pedestrian caution sign, on grassy shoulder not far from chain linked access drive.


Grayville Falls Park

129 Grayville Road, Amston, CT 

35-acre Town Park with impressive cascading waterfalls of Raymond Brook in a shady hemlock grove.  Lies along the western side of the Air Line Trail from its intersection with Grayville Road to its border with the Salmon River State Forest, Old Forestland designated section.   Large parking area accommodating horse trailers on Grayville Road leads to large open field, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, and trails.   Within the park, an old mill site lies on the Raymond Brook.



Salmon River State Forest

in multiple areas of Hebron:  273 acres designated as Old Forestland along the Air Line Trail, opposite the Bernstein Preserve and adjacent to Grayville Falls Park; off Old Slocum Road; around Holbrook Pond.  In the State Forest along the Air Line Trail, old mill sites are found along the Judd Brook before its confluence with the Class A Jeremy River.


Bernstein Preserve

Located along the east side of the Air Line Trail, between Grayville Rd. and Judd Brook Bridge. 

215.5-acres abutting over 3,300 feet of the east side of the Air Line Trail, just south of Grayville Falls Park and extending to the Judd Brook (Hebron’s border with the Town of Colchester).   This Preserve is across the Air Line Trail from the Old Forestland designated portion of the Salmon River State Forest.   There is also frontage along and potential future access from Old Colchester Road and Birch Hill Drive.

Access from Air Line Trail:   Just north of the Judd Brook Bridge, a “Y” junction path off of the east side of the Air Line Trail brings one into the southern part of this diversely forested Preserve.  This current Eversource right-of-way follows the old rail line “wye” spur which was made to transporting earth materials in construction of the Air Line Railroad!  Walking this spur paralleling the Judd Brook brings one to multiple historical stone bridge foundations lining the Judd Brook.  These impressive foundations give testimony to the massive efforts made to fill beneath the 137-ft. high by 1,108-ft. long Lyman Viaduct in Colchester and 60-ft. high x 1,380-ft. long Rapallo Viaduct in East Hampton (spectacular features of today’s Air Line Trail) in the early 1900’s.

The Bernstein Preserve contains intact native forest with associated Judd Brook wetlands.   Exceptional bird watching and wildlife viewing habitat in the Preserve and along its border with the Air Line Trail.  Parking:  intersection of Grayville Rd.  and Air Line Trail parking; also Grayville Falls Park parking area.  Photo attached.


Harasimowitz Preserve

Old Colchester Road (across from the Town Transfer Station)

A 20-acre peaceful preserve along the east side of Old Colchester Road featuring majestic elder white pines with scattered pitch pines and a marsh of statewide concern.  Path leads to a woodland pond, Judd Brook Marsh, and upland diverse forest.  Exceptional bird watching habitat.  Parking:  limited, on road shoulder, near metal entryway gate.  Photo attached.


Agricultural Offerings, Maple Syrup Sugar Houses, Campgrounds (specialized), and Public Golf Courses

Bastiani’s Blueberry Farm

Offering: Seasonal Blueberry picking
Open annually beginning early July
211 East Street
860 228-3868

Briar Ridge Farm

Offerings: raising Simangus beef cattle, sell surplus stock; raising South African Boer goats, sell as breeding stock; hay
215 Kinney Road
Mark and Ann Baribault   860 228-0678
860 965-8681 (Marc)      860 965-0861 (Ann)

Brinks Tree Farm

Offerings: Family Christmas tree farm.
559 East Street
Steven Grahn
860 643-6065

Footehills Farm, Inc.

Offerings: hay, from both Footehills & Vermont, straw, screened top soil, pine shavings, wood pellets (for both bedding and heating)
1126 Gilead Street
Dan Bronzi 860 818-7737
John Melzen 860 874-8367

Gilead Hill Farm, LLC

Offerings: Blueberries, vegetables, eggs
Steve and Allegra Weir
888 Gilead Street

Hidden Treasures Farm, LLC

Offerings:  Horse-drawn wagon and sleigh rides; raising of registered Percheron draft and sport horses
66 North Street, Hebron
860 490-8775

Hills Farm

Offerings: Community Supported Agriculture beef, pork, chicken; saw dust animal bedding, manure, topsoil
527 Gilead Street
860 680-8942 or 860 573-2664 (Greg Hills)

J&B Farm and Pet Supplies

Offerings: large animal feed and pet food supplies, hay/shavings/straw
224 West Main Street
860 228-9192
Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm; Saturday, 8:30am to 3:00pm

Mapleleaf Farm

Offerings:  An original founding member of Farmers Cow dairy and coffee; seasonal sale of garden manure, occasional farm tours
768 Gilead Street
860 228-3363

Patch’s Hillside Farm, LLC

Offering: Seasonal Pre-Cut Tree Farm
Retail: Wreaths, firewood, hay, hand-painted decorative signs; Features “Giant Snowman”
372 Burnt Hill Road
203 671-3697; 203 228-8102

Porter Farm, Inc.

Offerings: hay and corn sold privately
51 Martin Road
Mike Porter
860 228-0055

Stonehill Tree Farm

Offerings: Cut your own Christmas Tree Farm, seasonal
970 Gilead Street
(860) 659-9645

Weir Family Farm Seven

Offering:  Boer goats for sale.
24 Prentice Hill Road
Lev Weir
860  214-8424

Wind Dance Stable

Offerings: Horseback Riding Stable, includes large indoor arena, horse riding and boarding services
45 Hoadly Road
(860) 597-1376

Windcrest Farm

Offerings:  Full-service horse boarding and training facility; horse shows, summer riding camp
344 Gilead Street
860 944-3625

The Farm at Woodsong Hollow

Offerings:  Boutique organic farm, fruit and vegetable produce, range-free eggs, cut flowers, soaps; horse boarding, seasonal and private events
126 Grayville Road
860 908-3400

Zagray Farm Museum

Offerings:  New England Educational Museum of Working Farm Machinery exhibits, demonstrations
Seasonal shows: May, July, October
Quinebaug Valley Engineers Association Inc. (QVEA), a nonprofit 501(c)3
544 Amston Road (Route 85 at border the Hebron / Colchester town line)
203 313-5362

Maple Syrup Sugar Houses

The Wenzel Sugarhouse

Offerings: maple syrup
Ron Wenzel
860 649-0841
522 East Street


Winding Brook Sugar House

Offerings: maple syrup and maple products
Open year round, 10 am- 4 pm
254 Skinner Lane
Wayne Palmer
860 228-0246

Woodyacres Sugar House

Offerings: maple syrup and maple syrup products, maple syrup production demonstrations
Open year round
Russ Schaller
80 Cone Road, Hebron, CT
860 228-1110

Campgrounds (specialized) and Rental Facilities

Camp Hi Hoti


  • Provides campers from 6 to 11 years of age from Hartford and East Hartford neighborhood centers with a summer outdoor experience in a 289-acre campground to understand nature and the need to preserve it.
  • Activities include: crafts, dance, educational activities, environmental learning, field trips, fitness, games, health and wellness, music, recreational swimming, science activities, theater.

444 East Street
860 251-6517
Evelyn Hernandez

Oak Hill Camp and Recreation / Easterseals of Oak Hill / Camp Hemlocks


  • Indoor heated pool (open off-season of summer camp for private parties and private lessons; also periodically open off-season for open swim, prior registration required);
  • Facility rentals;
  • Fully accessible, barrier-free Summer Camp facility on 100 woodland acres surrounding Jones Pond for children, youth, adults with physical, sensory, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  Camp offers individually adapted social, recreational and educational activities including swimming, boating and fishing, arts and crafts, outdoor living skills, and health and fitness activities.

85 Jones Street
860 228-0393 extension 4068

Public Golf Courses

Blackledge Country Club

Offerings: 36-hole golf course, 40-station practice range facility with target greens and bunkers with chipping area, HD golf simulator, tavern/restaurant, pro shop; free cross-country skiing on groomed trails
Anderson’s Glen Course
Gilead Highlands Course
180 West Street
860 228-0250

Tallwood Country Club

Offerings: 18-hole course, full practice area, driving range with target green area, pro shop, grill room
91 North Street
860 646-1151

Hebron’s Food & Drink / Lodging

The Blackledge River Tavern 

(full menu) 180 West Street, Hebron  

Brain Freezers

(frozen yogurt and ice cream) 65 Main Street, Hebron

Butterballs Greenleaf Café

(pub eatery) 47 Main St., Hebron   

China Panda

(for takeout)  57 Main Street, Hebron 

Dunkin Donuts

109 Main Street, Hebron    

The Flour Girl Bakery

14 Main Street, Hebron  
860 530-1536 

The Flour Girl Café  

12 Main Street, Hebron    

Georgia’s Restaurant and Pizza 

291 Church Street, Amston  (Hebron) 

Gina Marie’s Family Restaurant  

71 Main Street, Hebron  

Hebron Pizza 

(full menu)  127 Main Street, Hebron   

The Hideaway Tavern

(limited food) 544 Church St, Amston  (Hebron)  

Pete’s Pub

(full pub menu) 54 Main Street, Hebron

Pizza Pixie

Food Truck  (Seasonal)  by Red Barn, 1 Main Street, Hebron

Scooterbug’s Ice Cream Stop

(Seasonal) 277 Church Street, Amston  (Hebron)  

Subway of Hebron

43 Main Street, Hebron  

Ted’s IGA Supermarket

(hot and cold prepared food to take out)  127 Main Street, Hebron 

Wicked Slice

(full menu) 55 Main Street, Hebron


(deli, light fare, pizza) 70 Main Street, Hebron  
860 228-8067  

Zen Garden Asian Restaurant

127 Main Street, Hebron  
860 228-9600; 860 228-9603  

Lodging in Hebron

Hebron’s Public Amenities

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations:

Open for public use 24/, fee structure

3 Locations, 2 EV stations at each location, each station has 2 charging units:

  1. Town Office Building, 15 Gilead Street
  2. Burnt Hill Park, 148 East Street
  3. Senior Center, 14 Stonecroft Drive

Pavilion (covered):

Location: Burnt Hill Park, 148 East Street,
Open Sunrise to Sunset

Children’s Playscapes:

Location:  Veterans Memorial Park, 66 Wall Street
Open Sunrise to Sunset

Public Restrooms:

Open May through October, Sunrise to Sunset
Burnt Hill Park, 148 East Street
Veterans Memorial Park, 66 Wall Street
Douglas Library during open hours
22 Main Street, 860 228-9312  https://douglaslibrary.org/
Normal hours of operation: 
Mon:    12pm to 8pm
Tue:     10am to 8pm
Wed:    12pm to 8pm
Thu:     10am to 8pm
Fri:       12pm to 6pm
Sat:      10am to 3pm
Sun:     Closed
Internet wi-fi access – outdoor (available at all times) also indoor
Computer use
Drinking Water Bottle Filling Station
Public Restrooms
Bicycle Racks

Hebron Events

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration

Monday, January 16, 2023   6:30 p.m.  St. Peters Episcopal Church Hall, 30 Church Street, Hebron CT 06248 
Prior registration required by emailing:  code.diversity1@gmail.com  We will have a dinner together at St. Peter’s Church in Hebron, view a 1 hour PBS production hosted by Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr:  “Making Black America”, Episode 4: From Black Power to Black Twitter revealing safe spaces created by Black America; Discussion following the movie   This event is free of charge but free-will donations will be accepted to defray food costs.  

Hebron Maple Festival

Saturday Mar 18 and Sunday Mar 19, 2023
10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.  The 35th Annual Hebron Maple Festival is a two day event celebrating one of our great agricultural traditions…maple syrup production!  The highlight of the event is the touring of active maple sugaring houses in the area.  Join us on the Hebron Green for fun:  maple flavored food items, arts and crafts, quilt show, demonstrations, games and our loved by all tractor parade.  For a complete list of events and vendors please visit our website as we get closer to the weekend.  The event runs rain or snow or shine.  The event is in the Hebron Library parking lots and town green, right on Route 66. The event is mostly outdoors so please dress appropriately.  Parking downtown is VERY limited so please park at RHAM High School and take one of our constantly running shuttle buses to the event.  Handicap parking is directly across the street from the Library.

Market Day

May 2023 (date to be announced)  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Hebron Town Center     https://www.thetowncenterproject.org/marketday
This outdoor event features tag sales, handmade goods, art, antiques, home decor, clothing, jewelry and more!

National Trail Day

June 3rd, 2023 Free Event  
Enjoy a guided hike on one of Hebron’s many trails.  Time and Place to be announced nearer event date.  https://hebronct.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=21530

Farmers and Artisans Market

June, July, August, 2023  dates, times to be announced Hebron Elementary School, 92 Church St., Amston (Hebron)  https://hebronct.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=21530

Hebron Day Celebration

June 17th, 2023 Free Event   Burnt Hill Park, 148 East Street, Hebron, CT
Fun for the Whole Family:  Activities, Food, Music, Vendors  More info to be announced:  https://hebronct.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=21530


Jointly organized by Coalition on Diversity and Equity (CoDE), Historic Properties Commission, and Hebron Parks and Recreation  Free Event  We will be celebrating Juneteenth, the national holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the United States, on Hebron Day (June 17th this year) at the historic Peters House at Burnt Hill Park, 148 East Street, Hebron.  The Peters House is on the Freedom Trail in honor of Cesar and Lowis Peters and their children, former slaves during the later 1700’s in Hebron, who were able to gain their freedom in one of the most dramatic freedom tales of Connecticut history and one of the early stories of the abolitionist movement in Connecticut.  Enjoy a tour of the restored Peters House, a museum and community center.  For more info, see:  https://hebronhistoricalsociety.org/hebron-slavery.html; https://code-diversity.org/

Hebron Lions Fireworks

June, date and time to be announced   Free Event   Lion’s Fairground, 347 Gilead Street, Hebron   https://www.hebronctlions.org/fireworks

Make Music Day

June 21, 2023  Main Street, Hebron  times to be announced  Free Event https://www.thetowncenterproject.org/makemusicday  A celebration of music around the world, held on the same day–the Summer Solstice–in more than 800 cities in 120 countries. How exciting is that!

Fourth of July

July 4, 2023 time to be announced  Old Town Hall, Main Street, Hebron  Free Event  https://www.thetowncenterproject.org/fourth-of-july

Summer Concerts on the Lawn

Saturdays July 8, 15, 22, 29; August 5, 19, 26  times to be announced, outside the Century 21 offices on Main St., Hebron  Free Events.  Parking also available at Douglas Library across the street.  https://www.thetowncenterproject.org/summer-concert-series

Hebron Harvest Fair

Thurs. – Sun., September 7-10, 2023     Lion’s Fairground, 347 Gilead Street, Hebron times at:  https://www.hebronharvestfair.org/fair-future-past

An annual event since 1971, the Hebron Harvest Fair has grown to become one of the largest agricultural fairs in Connecticut!  Four days of fun featuring animal displays, various fair food, animal pulls, truck pulls, country music, carnival midway, and something to enjoy for the entire family.

Harvest Moon Festival

October 2023  Saturday date, times to be announced  https://www.thetowncenterproject.org/harvest-moon   Join us along Main Street (Route 66) for a spooky, ghoulish gathering. Featuring a tower of Jack-o-Lanterns, apple pie baking contest, music, vendors, food trucks and trick-or-treating!  The Ghoul Bus is a free shuttle that brings visitors from RHAM to the Town Center, Fire Station and Ted’s.

Ghost Run 20th Annual Half-Marathon

Saturday Nov. 4, 2023, 9 a.m. Registration required.  Forms and more info available will be at Hebron Parks and Recreation Department, Burnt Hill Park, 148 East St., Hebron and  https://hebronct.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=21530

The race begins at Hebron Elementary School located on Route 85, picks up the Air Line Trail behind Juliano’s Pools, and continues on the Air Line Trail through Colchester and into East Hampton, ending at Center Elementary School.  Relay running with shuttle buses available.

Why the name “Ghost Run”: In 1891 the New England Limited Railroad Co. purchased two plush Pullman luxury cars painted white with gold trim.  The remainder of the train was white washed and the engine crews and staff were dressed in white overalls. The “White Train” became an instant success, carrying businessmen and the wealthy between Boston and New York. For people watching the locomotive and cars speeding through their trains, the train became known as the “Ghost Train.”

National Take-a-Hike Day

Free Event  Nov. 17, 2023 and also Sat., Nov. 18, 2023  times and location to be announced https://hebronct.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=21530

Hebron Lions Lights in Motion

Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day (some closed days to be announced)    Lion’s Fairground, 347 Gilead Street, Hebron   https://www.lionslightsinmotion.org

A 20-minute drive of 1 mile through over a million lights changing color and synchronized to music.  “Next generation” light show benefitting children’s charities.

Enjoy The Trail

  • Fully Accessible parking: Church Street, Rte 85; Grayville Road (limited); and Old Hartford Road.
  • Horse Trailer Access: Rte. 85 and Grayville Falls Town Park parking area (Grayville Road).
  • Take only Pictures, Leave only Footprints.
  • Town Preserves follow Connecticut State Park rules unless otherwise noted.
  • Preserve Wildlife: Please Stay on Trails, Enter with Clean Shoe/Wheel Treads.
  • Open dawn to dusk.
  • Contact Hebron Parks & Recreation Department for more info.