The ALSPT Region Master Plan

The Air Line State Park Region Master Plan was completed in June 2023. Through this planning process, varied subject areas, such as infrastructure, marketing, business development and conservation were highlighted by the members of the ALSPT Region Stakeholder Committee.  Contributing insights from committee members and public  originated from their specific ongoing contribution to the ALSPT Region trail system. The goals of this plan were to unify the varied interests into a larger regional vision for the towns, the ALSPT Region and CT DEEP as well as improve the trail user experience.

There are many moving pieces in this jigsaw puzzle of trail planning. To optimize the ALSPT Region’s future, piecing together unique and separate interests or concerns requires collaboration. Through partnership  and a new regional structure,  ALSPT Region, the member towns, CT DEEP and stakeholders can  improve cost efficiencies while also achieving unrealized economic potential inherent in the trail systems and region. Click on the links below to view and read the ALSPT Region Master Plan.

A pathway to the future of a treasured regional, cultural and natural experience