Discover the 12 town region of the Air Line State Park Trail

Welcome to the new Air Line State Park Trail Region website.  This initiative was funded by a CTDEEP grant to provide support to Air Line State Park Trail visitors. Our site highlights the Air Line State Park Trail Region and its member towns. Please visit often as we update with new information and events, trail tales and trail conditions.

A significant landscape absent of large-scale development, vast acreage of forests and streams, small villages, rural landscapes defines the Air Line State Park Trail Region. Traveling the Air Line State Park Trail experience coincides with a freshness of immersion into nature, celebration of unique small towns and small compact small urban centers.

Within the 408 square mile Air Line State Park Trail Region,  this 64-mile-long multi-use corridor of the Air Line State Park Trail and the Portland Connector winds through hills and valleys of Connecticut’s rural scenic landscape. The existing trail and the proposed trail section from Portland to East Hampton traverse this eastern landscape from the Arrigoni Bridge on the Connecticut River near Middletown to the northeastern corner of Thompson, where the trail intersects with the Tri-State Marker at the corner borders of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

The Region

The Air Line State Park Trail (ALSPT) runs along a route that was once a fashionable railroad offering fast rail transit from New York to Boston. You can experience the same striking vistas , woodlands, and small towns of the trail. The Air Line State Park  Region attracts walkers, hikers, horseback riders, and cyclists from far and wide. They come for a respite from the hustle and bustle of life, fun with family and friends, to ride,  stroll or run through forests and rural countryside. Within the ALSPT Region visitors will find quaint villages, friendly greetings, bike shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, wineries, historic and conservation sites and much more. Come explore our ALSPT towns.

Finding Your Way

The Air Line State Park Region works closely with CT DEEP and the CT Trail Finder to bring you up to date accurate information about the trail.  The CT Trail Finder is continually updated to provide you with the latest information and conditions.

Trail Tales

The Air Line State Park Trail and it’s Portland Connector inspire so many stories and interactions with nature, other trail users. Follow this link to stories from the Air Line State Park Region and Trail.